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“Hey, Willie, Steve, Cam, the others, thanks for getting the Sub Outback running again. It was a hard one to troubleshoot, when no codes were thrown. I wanted to give up, get rid of the vehicle, but due to your diligence in resolving the issues, and excellent shuttle service, the Outback will stay with us. 😁”

Ellen Ley

Apr 30, 2018 – Fort Wayne, IN

“I am a long time customer and will continue to be one. Why go anywhere else when you have found the best at Plantation Lane!”

Shirley G

Apr 29, 2018 – Fort Wayne, IN

“Thank you.. This spring I had my clutch repaired. The service was great. They started on time and finished on time. They didn't add anything not already OK'd. Yesterday I had problems with my hood latch and they got me in and repaired. Thanks again for the great service”

Lynne D

Nov 29, 2017 – Fort Wayne, IN

“Thank you for matching a price and actually you even went lower then the matching price. Staff was helpful and friendly. ”

Dena B

Oct 30, 2016 – Fort Wayne , IN

“We have a 2003 Impala. Tuffys has worked on our vehicle for the last few years. They have done a great job of keeping it running. The staff are very personable and friendly. For our vehicle being as old as it is, they have really done a great job and have worked with our budget. The coupons are great also. Now days it is important to work with a certified mechanic that will take responsibility for their work.”

Richard H

Oct 20, 2016 – Fort Wayne, IN

“I drove from Binghamon, NY to visit friends. As I arrived in Fort Wayne I heard a noise under my car and I only had a day before I needed to leave. I spoke with Willie and he was totally booked for the day, but he took the time to get my car looked at. The mechanic took me out to show me what the issue was. Willie took the time to sit with me and go to through the parts and diagram of the parts and he priced everything out for me. I was offered coffee and read the paper as they pulled the fire information together got me. Willie said if I could leave the car for the day the team would get it worked in and get it done since I was from out of town to help me out. I was offered a ride to my friends house and a call once the work was done. When I picked up my car I was offered the option to see all the parts they took out. My warranty was explained and Willie looked for the closed place if I ever needed warranty work. My car drove great when I picked it up. Steve the mechanic worked on my car and from driving it I can tell you he knows what he is doing. I wished I lived in Fort Wayne so I could go to Tuffy on Plantation Lane as I trust them with my vehicle. These guys were great and I wish them the best as they are great people based on how I was treated. When It comes to having your vehicle worked on and being treated respectfully I haven't been to a better place in all 60 years of my life. They are the best. Thank you. ”


Jul 07, 2016 – Binghamton, NY

“I am so happy with Ryan and the guys at this shop. They are very fast and they explain everything and even show you the problem with your car !! The customer service was wonderful and they even shuttle me back to my house :) ”

Jaimee A

Jan 09, 2016 – Grabill, IN

“I was having a vibration problem with my Jeep. Was told in was something loose in front end or tires. Had Tuffy's look at it found out it was a u joint. They showed me the problem and repaired it. I can now drive my vechile and feel safe. This is the second time that Tuffy's at this location has helped me with a problem nobody could find. Tim and his crew have been very honest and polite. I will refer them to all my friends.”

Mary Jane H

May 28, 2014 – Fort Wayne, IN

“I have been taking my car to Tuffy for about a year now. They are always fast and provide great service. They explain any concerns they have about my car in a manner I can understand, and explain all of the possible ways to get the issue fixed. I used to take my car to Jiffy and got tired of the constant harassment and pressure to add on extra services/products when all I wanted was an oil change. I couldn't leave Jiffy without spending around $70!! Tuffy is reasonably priced and they do a great job!”

Megann W

Sep 26, 2012 – Fort Wayne, IN

“I've had nothing but excellent service whenever I'd gone to this location. Tim and his team does an outstanding job both in servicing my vechicle and appreciating me as a customer, with great customer service”

Lewis G

Apr 18, 2012 – Fort Wayne, IN

“Won my business for as long as I own my car‎‎! I got there ten minutes before close, but they insisted they didn't mind having a look at my 2001 Taurus. The mechanics were so nice and helpful. They worked with me to get my car done fast.”

Ashley F

Oct 17, 2011 – Fort Wayne, IN