Stay Headed in the Right Direction, Fort Wayne

July 28, 2019

Power steering is standard on nearly every vehicle in Fort Wayne, Indiana, these days. Now there are some exotic, new types of power steering systems, but for the most part, the general setup is a pump that's driven by a belt powered by the engine. Contact the automotive professionals at Tuffy F... More

Make your Service Visit at Tuffy Fort Wayne (Plantation Lane) a Good One

July 21, 2019

Most people don't love going to get their vehicle serviced, but it's one of those things you just have to do. So you might as well get the most of out of it. There are some steps you can take that will likely help you get the best results possible. For one thing, it's important to describe your p... More


July 14, 2019

We've all been through it. The vehicle ahead of us kicks up mud, slush, snow or salt on our windshield and we can't see a thing. And not being able to see a thing when we're driving? Not a good thing. Debris on a vehicle's glass can be blinding when driving directly into the sun. And other thi... More

Diesel Maintenance for Indiana

July 7, 2019

At Tuffy Fort Wayne (Plantation Lane) we hear from a lot of people who are excited about the new diesel engines that will soon be available in passenger cars and SUV's. But our Indiana friends are often curious about the preventive maintenance requirements. People may not know that diesel engine... More